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I am unsure whether I will be able to attend, should I still apply?


The SGNCS routinely receives many more papers proposals than it is able to accommodate at a given event. If your participation depends on securing funding, please note this in your proposal. (It will not play a role in the evaluation of your proposal, but it will help us construct a realistic waitlist.) If you are unsure whether you will be able to attend for other reasons (e.g., possible scheduling conflict, completing the research on which your paper is based), please propose a paper in another year. It takes volunteers considerable time to read, evaluate, and schedule every paper and panel. 

I would like to propose a panel, but not all members are sure they will be able to attend. Should I still submit?


We welcome proposals for pre-constituted panels. Please ensure that every member of the panel is able to attend. When a panel is accepted, it often means that three or four paper proposals had to be rejected. 

I am unable to attend in person, should I apply?

We will have one day (6 June) dedicated to online panels. Please note in your proposal whether you are interested in a virtual presentation spot. Although the symposium will consist of online and in-person components, the in-person presentations will not be live streamed.

Will proposing more than one paper increase the likelihood of my participation? 


You may propose only one paper for the symposium.

How long should my paper be?

Panels will consist of either three or four persons. The time limit for each presenter on three-person panels is 20 minutes, for those on a four-person panel, the limit is 15 minutes. This ensures adequate time for Q&A.

If I am proposing a pre-constituted panel, should I include a respondent?


The format of the panel is up to you. A panel should include three or four presenters or three presenters and a respondent. A respondent reads all of the papers in advance and provides objective commentary.

​My project is only tangentially related to cities and urbanism, should I apply?​

SGNCS symposia are designed to bring together scholars actively working on a given topic. Proposals that directly address the symposium theme will have a significantly higher chance of being accepted. Unlike our symposia, which are narrowly focused, our world congresses are designed to be broad and include scholars working on a much wider array of topics. If your work is not directly related to cities and urbanism, please consider submitting to our next congress instead.


​If my proposal is accepted, is the conference fully funded? 

No. Presenters are responsible for paying a registration fee as well as covering their travel and accommodation expenses.

Do presenters need to be members of the Society for Global Nineteenth-Century Studies?

Yes, all individuals who appear in the symposium program must be members of the SGNCS. Participation in the symposium -- if one's paper has been accepted and the registration fee paid -- is a benefit of membership.

I will not propose a paper, but I would still like to attend. Is this possible?

Yes. A limited number of spaces will be available for non-presenting attendees, who will pay a reduced registration fee.

Where is the symposium taking place and how do I get there?

The symposium will be held at Aix-Marseille University, Schuman campus. Registered attendees will receive directions to the university and information about where the plenaries and panel sessions are taking place in due course.


When will registration open? 

Registration will open in fall 2023.



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